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Contact Types

Ways to contact us concerning your HCS or Sales

We provide, as part of our terms and conditions, support through the forums for customers. Unless you are having purchasing problems or need sales advice and then you can use the sales chat and usually someone will be available to chat to you. We do promote the concept of reading the manual and our extensive wiki, which is linked above. The wiki has many pages of explanation data and is extended constantly.

Note that we are incredibly strict on privacy and only keep data for ourselves, never sell it or share it, and only when necessary, deleting when we can, and mostly offline to prevent security breaches.
Returns or Issues

Contact us through the support email for returns or use the form below and we will get back to within 48 hours.

Need Help?

If you need help with your HCS please go to the wiki or forum. Customers and subscribers have access to our forum where they can asak questions, ask for features, access closed content, etc ...

Feature Request

Ask the architects is also in your HCS portal under the support section where you can ask for specific features, apps to be added, function to be changed or improved. We develop Ayos along with our commnuity so your requests are valuable to us.

Business & Recruitment Contacts

For any business requests like investment requests, franchising, and the like, please use the form below. For recruitment we tend to head-hunt ourselves for staff but you can apply if you so wish. Time wasters will have their IP and company blacklisted.

Get in touch


Contact for additional information:

Sales@aiyja.com ... or if you prefer use the form to the right - Note that in some browsers the form will not function correctly

Location & Time

We are mainly located in 3 countries in Europe, The Netherlands, Spain & Germany. We have always had a work from home policy, even before COVID, so we do a mostly work remotely methodology to improve green footprint. We do have satellite offices like in the Caribbean, etc ...

We are generally open from 10a.m to 4 p.m to consumers on weekdays. Although sometimes you can get lucky on the Sales Chat at most times of day between 6am-12pm.