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* What types of product are comparable to the HCS?
There is not really a direct correlation product on the market at the moment, as the HCS has so many features that other products do not have, but we can make a price comparison average.  Buying the HCS with all its features at base price, of 1790, would be at least 4x cheaper than getting all of the functions in other competitor boxes. We have a multi-user media/music server, SSO NAS, VPN concentrator, enterprise one-click firewall, IoT server, Home Cloud, third party outgoing VPN router, proxies, filters, ransomware protection, DDoS/IPS protection & many other functions that you never get in a single competitor node. But with the HCS, it all comes with speed & security, unlike comparable purchases. Some competitors state they run a media server but the transcoding is slow & the file systems are proprietary. Some state they run VPN incoming tunnels but yet you need to open your whole network to allow it through port forwarding. The HCS sits above all in the e2e functional forms for the price.
* What hardware warranty do I get?
Aiyja does 1 year warranty for all hardware on failure.  We also do a “best effort” warranty for years 2-3.  Meaning, if possible we will swap dependent on the situation.
* Can you list the main prominent features of the HCS software & hardware?
  • 5 years free software
  • 16-32 gig RAM
  • 3.7 CPU base clock
  • 8 threaded CPU with graphics
  • Ayos hardened operating system
  • Powdered Alu reinforced case
  • 25-30 watt operating avg use
  • 5x gig NIC
  • Up to 19.5 TB of internal storage
  • Up to 64 petabytes of external storage
  • Protected Mirrored System Disks with instant recovery
  • Portal & Mobile Access
  • One-Click Enterprise Firewall
  • Free App Store & Apps
  • Customer Install Apps
  • Home Cloud
  • -- Notes
  • -- Maps
  • -- Bookmarks
  • -- Documents
  • -- Passwords
  • -- Recipes
  • -- etc
  • Standalone Single-Sign-On Nextcloud
  • Plex / Emby Media Centre
  • Music Centre
  • Ayos AirShare
  • Home Anywhere Secure Incoming VPN
  • Home Interconnect using Home Anywhere too connect to family and friend owned HCSes
  • Third Party outgoing VPN manager using Proton VPN or similar
  • Outgoing VPN filters
  • Web Proxy
  • DNS firewall
  • Ad blocker
  • Ransomware protection
  • Multi-user NAS
  • Parental Control
  • LAN WiFi Management
  • Network Switch Manager
  • Virtual Manager for both internal and external Micro and Macro VMs including the remote use & management of a Proxmox server
  • Port Forwarding
  • ISP Blinding & Nested NAT
  • Network & Service Health & Testing
  • File Manager
  • USB Access
  • HCS Backup External USB
  • Network backup Mac Time Machine, Linux & Windows
  • Secure IoT
  • Group Permissions for Disks & Services
  • Transmission App Function through Browser
  • Comms Centre using Apps like Mumble
  • File System Virus Checker
  • DNS & DHCP Services
  • Backup Link on Preference
  • DNS Database Injection on Whois Lookup
  • LAN Node Database
  • Multi-User Management, LDAP & SSO
  • LAN Multi-user Home Page
  • QoS & Network Optimiser
  • Privacy filter
  • Email Proxy & Webmail
  • Maps & Routes
  • HCS Office
  • * Do you do an extended warranty?
    No, at present we do not do extended warranty, but we do support right-to-repair for our customers, so you can repair or swap hardware as you need outside of warranty with support. The hardware does need to be supported though.
    * What difference is there in your hardware compared to your competitors?
    Our hardware is built as a mini-server.  We use 8 threaded CPU, 16GB to 32GB of RAM,  NVMe disks for system and storage, Noctua fans and heat resistant motherboard.  We built the HCS to be capable of running VMs, apps and many other items with speed and future proofing.  We want your HCS to last forever if possible & to run smoothly and quick.  We want you to be able to own your device and have the right-to-repair always.
    * What software support do I get?
    Software support is included by default. Software updates are available for fixing bugs, either security bugs or general bugs. Software updates are also available for new features and functions. Email support is available as well a support forum and wiki. Officially we support the software, or give support and upgrades, for 5 years after purchase, but our policy is to try and not charge for the software itself in any way, only particular features that cost us money to maintain like Home Anywhere and IP Services.  But you can own and use your HCS without spending anything after the initial purchase.
    * How do I upgrade my software version?
    Software upgrades are made available on the HCS admin portal. At the moment upgrades are made to install successive and generally its a good idea to keep up to date on the latest software updates. At present there is no auto-upgrade feature, we may add it later, but if you allow you can get notifications to tell you when a new version is out through your browser.  Or you can subscribe to the website and get the newsletter which will let you know changes and updates when ready. 
    * Can I request. Feature?
    Yes, on the HCS admin portal you can select the System option and then select Feedback. It's also possible to submit features using the customer forum. We do try to accept as many customer features as possible, but we cannot guarantee these requests will be accepted and implemented. But we can guarantee we will evaluate the requests seriously and try our best to include it.
    * Is the HCS easy to setup?
    The HCS is PnP, meaning you plug the connection from the mainboard, into your ISP router using a cat5 or 6 network cable, and then connect the rest of your network through the integrated 4x GbE switch.  You then turn it on and it does the rest for you.  Once it has booted, which takes about 30seconds to a minute, you can access your portal on http://hcs.lan or if you are connected to the integrated switch. You then have a wizard to go through to complete you installation which has 3 or 4 steps depending on the hardware configuration.
    * Can I request an app to add?
    Yes, like an Ayos feature, you can request an app to be added to the HCS.  Although apps are less likely to be added. The free app store is not like an Apple app store or Google play store, we try and include apps that are Open Source and have real value and are considered stable by us.
    * Is the HCS only for techs?
    No.  We built it so that even with only a little technical knowledge you get to use a technical solution without issues or need for 12 years of technical knowledge.   A very stable, private, secure and fast operating system, Ayos.  All built with a portal and a home page to allow one-click application, even with training, wiki, and support if you ever get stuck.
    * What processors do you use?
    We use AMD APUs, 8 threads, with Vega graphics. We find them the most stable & work the best with Ayos, our operating system. They stay cool & are low power with the HCS average sitting between 27 and 38 watts, less than most charging laptops.
    * Do you have demo software online?
    At the moment we do not have a demo version available unfortunately. We might make a demo version available online to play with in the near future.
    * How does your NAS compare with the competition?
    Mostly we are well beyond in some feature like the ability to manage 60 petabytes of data on external drives.  We don’t lock you into our file system and cause you issues getting your data back on failure. Our speeds between disks are NVMe on the system disks and have only gig interfaces.  So, generally, we surpass the basic functions & capabilities of our competition, especially in privacy, stability & security.
    * What NAS disk setup can I have?
    By default you need two NVMe disks in your HCS setup, part of the basic price, these we call the system disks.  They use our special mirroring capability allowing for copying every 3-24 hours and instant recovery, even protecting against ransomware.  You can upgrade these to 4TB each which would give you access to 3.8 TB of usable space on those NVMes.  You can then add a second pair of SSD, like the EVO 870s, allowing for x2 8tb disks, giving another 16tb of space internally within the HCS.  You can have these disks in RAID 0 or the Ayos RAID 1 mirroring.  Externally, like using Orico external disk bays, connecting through the USB, you can add loads of SSD, NMVe or HDD disks allowing up to petabytes of management.
    * Why would I buy the HCS at that price?
    The HCS is actually reasonably cheap. Considering the hardware, the case is reinforced, & the hardware/software is built, proved, tested & run in before being sent.  Adding VAT and there isn’t much left.  There are cheaper boxes on the market but they do not in any way offer the equivalent features and capabilities of the HCS. So you get a cost effective unique product with the HCS with free upgrades on software for 5 years +.
    * Do you support the third party apps within the App Store?
    All the apps in the App Store will be their party apps.   Some are pre-configured to make them function better with Ayos, the operating system, and for security, but they are all third party developed. We support their App Store install but not much more. However, you can put your questions on the forum, not email, and we will respond if possible or another HCS customer can answer you too. Ayos system apps are embedded as a form within the OS & therefore will be available in other parts of the portal. 
    * What are system apps & functions?
    System apps and functions are what we call “native” apps that are embedded within the operating system. 
    * What are your privacy features?
    We have too many to state here but the HCS is really based on privacy.  We give you all the capabilities we can to allow you to prevent apps sending data on you, even when they sit on your mobile phone.  We give you a DNS firewall, web proxy, ad validation, malware blocking, ransomware protection, just to mention a few.  We are dedicated to your privacy, towards us as a company, and to helping you protect your privacy in every day life.  We even refuse to develop facial recognition in any form for any industry.
    * Can I access Ayos in any way?
    Unfortunately not.  Ayos, the base operating system, is locked down for security & privacy reasons, although you can build a MicroVM internally with OpenBSD if you wish.
    * Is there linux on the HCS?
    Yes, we use linux MicroVMs, for some app functions. You can also create your own Linux MicroVMs form the virtual manager.  Or even control a proxmox server remotely.
    * Do you have actual Android or IOS apps?
    No, but we do have lots of apps that function with our apps.  Like we use Nextcloud, Madsonic, Emby and you can use many apps to access your data or media from your phone or PC. You can also access the HCS from a browser from any device.  We, for example, use a browser shortcut on our phone home screens, & just tap it to access the admin functions on the portal.
    * Does the HCS have WiFi?
    At the moment we decided to not include WiFi in the HCS. The main reason being that it just doesn't provide the speeds and stability we would want, but good progress is being made in getting this stable enough to add as an option.  Once it is stable & secure we would try and give the option of upgrading your present HCS if possible.
    * How does AirShare work?
    AirShare is a function that uses an open source piece of code to allow apps on Android, IOS, Linux, Windows, Mac, etc … to share over the wire or wireless network. We are also expanding it to allow for Chromecast and AirPlay to work together so you can stream music and videos to your Smart TV from an iPhone, or the other way around, etc…. Allowing you to divert into any ecosystem you wish.